What you can expect from us

When you buy a Wild Night puppy, you're becoming part of our family. Our puppies are the focus of our lives and energy for the first two months of their lives.  All of our puppies come from healthy, well-conformed parents with sound bodies and temperaments--their mother is a family companion and working dog, not a kennel dog.

All of our pups experience the extensive developmental protocol from  Avidog International  including:

  • Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS/Biosensor)
  • Early Scent Introduction (ESI), from 3-17 days of age 
  • regular socialization with people of all ages and sizes
  • a physically and mentally stimulating environment appropriate to their age
  • potty training
  • problem-solving exercises, again, appropriate to their age
  • introduction to car rides
  • visits to safe locations for public socialization (places with people but not many dogs, such as a bank, Home Depot, etc)
  • socialization with dogs other than their dam
  • introduction to solid food after 4 weeks of age followed by natural weaning, often not until 8 or 9 weeks
  • walks in the woods 
  • opportunities to swim
  • crate training
  • impulse control
  • teaching the recall
  • introduction to cues, like sit and down
  • Our puppies are raised in the living area of our home. They'll be accustomed to the noises and habits of family life. Our puppies are handled and socialized from birth, with daily individual attention. This daily attention includes nail trimming, early neurological stimulation, early scent introduction and of course snuggling :) 
  • Our goal is to create the perfect match between puppy and owner. Since we know our pups better than anyone, we do not allow potential puppy owners to pick their own puppy.  To effectively match pups to homes, we gather information from prospective owners about their life style, experience in dogs, and expectation for their pup.  We also keep careful records of each puppy's reactions and personality to assist in placement.  During their eighth week, we have other breeders evaluate the puppies' temperaments, using Avidog's Puppy Evaluation Test. All of these factors help us decide what lifestyle and family the puppy will have the happiest life with, which is our priority.
  • Wild Night puppies receive quality rearing and the best of care while they're still with us. They are raised naturally, allowing to nurse as long as their mother will allow. We do nomographs on their mother's titers to know precisely when the puppies should be vaccinated. They will be sent home with strong recommendations for follow up titers and vaccinations. The pups are also wormed regularly from four weeks of age on. Each pup also receives an individual examination by our veterinarian, a skilled practitioner.
  • We have a lifetime commitment to all the puppies we breed. We expect to remain in contact with you throughout your dog's life (and perhaps beyond) so it's important that we feel comfortable with each other. We will provide information on the successes and health of each pup's parents and relatives, as well as suggestions on training, showing, and, if appropriate, breeding.
  • We will take any dogs of our breeding back at any time, for any reason. 

Our expectations of you

relatively clear calendar

 until your pup is 

16 weeks old 

so you can focus on its socialization and training. I'm not saying that you can't go to work or school or that you have to spend every waking moment with your puppy, but that early period is critical to a puppy's long-term development and must be designed to get the most out of these few months. Vacations, business trips or heavy deadlines requiring long hours away from the puppy are not congruent with the work involved in preparing a young dog for its lifetime.

The learning that occurs during those first months cannot be recaptured later.

Once home, we ask that you have a 

your puppy will be a significant and beloved member of your family

. He or she should 

live in your home (not in a kennel or back yard)

 and receive premium food, thoughtful and professional medical care, and lifelong training/work.  We strongly prefer buyers with fully fenced yards but will make exceptions if you have the time and available facilities for adequate exercise and constant outside supervision. We prefer 

experienced owners

 for our pups, those who have had other dogs since they have become adults. At a minimum, we expect our buyers to commit to 

daily, intensive exercise and training

 throughout the life of the dog, as well as 

weekly formal training classes

 with the pup at least until adulthood; preferably longer.

Another of our expectations is that we have is that

  • We expect that the primary caregiver will NOT be a child. A child helping take care of a dog could teach responsibility, but it is unfair to the puppy or even an adult dog to have to rely on a child.

 but instead should have titers run prior to receiving follow-on vaccines.  In addition, both our pups' 

owners and veterinarians 

should be familiar with and committed to the 

, including using none of the Not Recommended vaccines.

We also expect our dog's owners to become partners with their veterinarian in their dog's health care, rather than turning all decisions over to their vet. Aside from rabies, our pups should 

NOT receive scheduled vaccines

super-premium diet

. We 

prefer owners who feed a raw diet

 but our minimum standard is 

 list of super-premium freeze-dried, dry or canned foods. If you feed Iam's, Science Diet or a super-market brand, please consider whether you are willing to upgrade before contacting us.

Our puppies must be fed a 

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10.01 | 12:15

for those of you interested in Amy's dogs, you will NOT a find anyone who puts more blood, sweat and tears into their dogs than Amy. i have watched her over the last 5+ years. AMAZING!

20.11 | 23:17

We would love to be contacted about your upcoming 2022 liter. Thank you!

20.06 | 03:29

Please let me know when they are available !

19.06 | 23:44

Hello, I’m a nurse who is wanting another Alaskan malamute (mine passed away in October). Your kennel looks amazing. And I love her agility trial, and barking all the way! That’s what Fiona was like.