Agility is our favorite activity! 

AKC agility has four different difficulty levels: Novice, Open, Excellent and Master. In the early levels, some mistakes are still allowed. Once you get to Master there can't be ANY mistakes.

Layla earned her MACH (Master Agility Championship) in March 2016, over 5 years after our first trial. She still competes at the Master level.

Enda is the first puppy I've trained (I didn't start training Layla until she was older), and we had a blast learning the puppy games! Enda went to her first puppy class at 12 weeks old. She made her competition debut in June 2016 and ended 2019 as the Second fastest Malamute in AKC agility. She's now working on her own MACH.   

Tilly began her training even earlier than Enda. She's working on foundations and self-control (ha!). Tilly got her first agility Q in March 2021!


Layla's MACH Journey

Enda Puppy Agility at 9 months

Tilly’s First Agility Event

This is AKC’s ACT test, for pre-novice dogs.

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10.01 | 12:15

for those of you interested in Amy's dogs, you will NOT a find anyone who puts more blood, sweat and tears into their dogs than Amy. i have watched her over the last 5+ years. AMAZING!

20.11 | 23:17

We would love to be contacted about your upcoming 2022 liter. Thank you!

20.06 | 03:29

Please let me know when they are available !

19.06 | 23:44

Hello, I’m a nurse who is wanting another Alaskan malamute (mine passed away in October). Your kennel looks amazing. And I love her agility trial, and barking all the way! That’s what Fiona was like.