Malamutes are very versatile and enjoy many different activities  They're happiest when they're in the middle of whatever you/their family are doing. 

Some favorites include: 

  • Working activities like sledding (or dryland mushing on a scooter or rig), backpacking, and weight pulling
  • Performance activities, such as agility, obedience, rally, tracking, nosework, and search and rescue. There are even malamutes competing in herding and dock diving!
  • Therapy dogs or service dogs
  • Fantastic family pets and best friends!

Latest comments

10.01 | 12:15

for those of you interested in Amy's dogs, you will NOT a find anyone who puts more blood, sweat and tears into their dogs than Amy. i have watched her over the last 5+ years. AMAZING!

20.11 | 23:17

We would love to be contacted about your upcoming 2022 liter. Thank you!

20.06 | 03:29

Please let me know when they are available !

19.06 | 23:44

Hello, I’m a nurse who is wanting another Alaskan malamute (mine passed away in October). Your kennel looks amazing. And I love her agility trial, and barking all the way! That’s what Fiona was like.